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*:. Space Games .:*

Absolute Space - Space Invaders Clone!
Asteroids - Just Like You Remember!
Asteroids 2 - Updated version of the Arcade Classic!
Nibbles - A Space Worm Game!
Top Nibbles - 2 Player Nibbles Game!
Rocks - Asteroids Type Space Game!
Space War - Remember Galaga?
Spheres of Chaos - Like Asteroids but extra Challenging!
Tail Gunner - An Extremely Addictive Space Game!
Tempest! - Just like the Atari version!
3D Driver - Sort of Like Night Driver.
Bap! - High Color Breakout Clone.
One Player Battleship - No Cheating!  The Computer KNOWS!
Breakout - Did you Atari?
Car Game - Avoid the Oncoming Traffic!
Drop Game - Catch the Rain drops!
Snakepit - Get your Supper!
Torpedo! - Bombs away in this groovy Submarine Game!
Battleship - No Cheating!
Connect 4 - Challenging Opponent!
Double - Similar to Atari's Loops Game.
Lights Out - Based on the classic board game. ~NEW~
JaMan - Another Cool Pac Man Clone
Para Troopers - Like Missile Commando
Rocks - Get the Rocks to pass through the gates to the bottom.  ~NEW~
Rush Hour - Get the Slug Bug Home! ~NEW~
Simon - Close Encounters Liked it! ~NEW~
Shooter - Destroy all of the duplicate bombs in a set number of moves. ~NEW~
Shoot It - Destroy the Castle (FUN!)
Wast'em! - Shooting Gallery!
Boulderdash - A Dig Dug Clone ~NEW~
Centipede - FAST Action!
Cross Section - Penguin Action Game.
Dig Dug - Pump Up the Bad Guys!
Ice Blocks - AKA Pengo.
Invaders - AKA Space Invaders (Good Clone!)
Java Miner - Dig Dug Clone.
Missile Commando - AKA The Carpal Tunnel Game!
Pac Man - Just like you remember! ~NEW~
Pac Tag - 2 Player Pac Man.
Tempest! - Just like the Atari version! ~NEW~
Tux on the Run - Pengo/Joust Arcade Game.
Whack a Gopher! - Smash 'em before they destroy your garden!
Moon Raid  - A First Person Shooter Space Game
Real Invaders - A Nice Space Invaders Clone!
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