What's New at Groovynet - Birthday 2006 Edition!
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Happy Birthday to Groovynet!  It's our 8th birthday and we're so happy to share it with you, our visitors!  We've had so many changes over the years and our subscribers are the first to find out "What's New"!  We SINCERELY Thank you for your loyalty and support, and stay tuned, we'll be adding tons more great free content and stuff for you!

Now.. For the new stuff -

-==.:*~ New T Shirt Designs! ~*:.==-
Pluto, The Tribe has Spoken White T-Shirt   Peace IS Groovy! Black T-Shirt   Jesus.. Reach Out Touch Faith Jr. Baby Doll T-Shir Stoned Smiley Face Black T-Shirt
Pluto is no longer a planet!  Peace Is Groovy!   Christian T Shirts Black Retro Tees

  Trick or Treat  Bags   Halloween Tees!  

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That's right!  We've given our Games a NEW HOME!  Please visit Groovynetgames.com and play FREE Java, Flash and Shockwave Games! 

Over 300 NEW Flash Games, 60+ JAVA Games and 40+ Shockwave games all under one domain!  We bring our games to you for FREE, No Memberships, Incentives, Logins or QUARTERS required!  Play as many as you'd like and stay for as long as you wish, the door to our arcade is always open and ready for you!

Flash Games Java Games Shockwave Games

Click here to Visit Our Home Page!  Games, Music, Cards, Wallpaper and More!

We've reworked our FREE Midi Madness section to make it even easier for you to download our Awesome Classic ROCK Music files!  Use them as *RINGTONES*, on your website or just download them to listen to over and over again on your home computer or laptop!  Over 500 Great MIDI Music Files brought to you for FREE!

A Lot of Groovy Cards!

New Groovycards!
Groovy Card of the Day! - Send a different card every day to your friends and loved ones! 

Fantasy and Anime Groovycards! - page 2 | page 3 | page 4 | page 5 | page 6 | page 7 | page 8
60+ Really Groovy Fantasy and Anime images with hundreds of MIDI selections, Custom fonts and Background colors to choose from!  These are Cool!

Fractal Groovycards!  Psychedelic High Color fractal images!  Send these with a cool music selection for any occasion!  Really Groovy!

Visit our GroovyCards Home Page and make your selection from thousands of Ecards ready to send!
http://www.groovynet.com/groovycards/ or our other site Ecard Mania - http://www.ecardmania.com/

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Groovygreets - Ready to send Greetings, Send these to up to 20 friends with one click!

Inspirations! - 16 NEW Ready to Send Inspirational Greetings with fantastic photographs.

Neato - 19 NEW Greetings to Amaze your friends!  Trick Photography greetings and Optical Illusions!

Humor! - 19 NEW Ready to Send Greetings Featuring Clean Humor, Nostalgia and More.  These are fantastic and Always Appropriate!!

ArtIsPower.com's FREE 3D Desktop Wallpapers

Monthly Calendar Wallpaper! Our Calendar Wallpaper is Ready for pickup!  Visit us each month to dress up your desktop with one of our groovy original art Calendar Wallpapers or just grab something groovy whenever you want!  It's all free.


As Always, We Thank You for Visiting Groovynet.com! We appreciate your kind thoughts and comments! Please Visit us again soon!

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